Guess what.
My User's Info is opensource! That means you can use the database to improve your own site, by adding language recognition, browser recognition, and operating recognition.
There are many things you can do with this API, it is up to you what you do.
How do you use it?
Using the API is really simple, you can use php or whichever language you use to make your site.
Here are some examples you can use for your site.
Example 1 Using curl
Example 2 Using file_get_contents
Example 3 Using MySQL
If you would like to be notified when updates are available for check.php send an email to api(AT)

This example code outputs something smaller to
You are using commoncrawl version 2.0 and you speak en in ,
If you know how to do this with javascript please let me know!

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Preview: Uses My User's Info
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Preview: Uses My User's Info